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Explore Silverpine, a town with many mysteries and colourful townsfolk, while you grow closer to a kind-hearted local named Jake. Can the two of you save the town from the impending doom brewing inside the mysterious Vault?

Now working on secrets...

The idea of Newfound Courage was conceived in February 2018 when creator and developer of Cafe Empty, Curtis Campion, left his job in tech to build an indie video game. Curtis had one single vision in mind: to create a video game that he would have wanted the teenage version of himself to play and with a protagonist he could identify with: a gay hero.


In mid-2018, Cafe Empty started to take shape with the help of pixel artist (Kurt), composer (Jessica) and story editors (Lee and Daphnia). ​

Following the release of Newfound Courage in March 2019, Cafe Empty has been working on new projects with a pixel art style that fans of Newfound Courage will adore. Watch this space!

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If you represent a charitable organisation that works with LGBTQI+ people, contact us about how you can get free access to Newfound Courage.

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Looking for a press kit? Click this link for Newfound Courage and this link for Winter's Fair.

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